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The Portland Literacy Council (PLC) is a nonprofit organization that supports adult literacy programs, tutors, and students in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. PLC activities include publishing an online newsletter, sponsoring an annual tutor conference, partnering in local tutor trainings, and awarding GED scholarships and community grants. 

In this short video, Kris Magaurn, PLC chair, describes the program in a Comcast Newsmakers interview:

Seeking Volunteer Tutors

So, you want to be a tutor...  Please see our Tutors page for a short questionnaire and more information about being a tutor:

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Upcoming Events

  • Registration for the January Tutor Training Workshops will open DECEMBER 16. See the TUTORS page for information and registration.

  • Upcoming Board Meeting
    December 9
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  • 2015 Community Grants Program

    Applications for the Community Grants program are closed for this year.  Grant recipients will be announced in January.

    PLC’s Community Grants are limited to $500. Grant funds are available to support existing projects and may be used to meet program or operational expenses. Past recipients are welcome to re-apply.

  • To read about last year's grant recipients, click HERE.

  • Click HERE for more information and grant application instructions.
  Community Grants


  • PLC is now a member of both the Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer's Rewards programs.  Both these programs donate a percentage of purchases to the PLC, while providing all their regular points and benefits to customers.
    See our Donate page for details.

  • Donations help us maintain our volunteer-driven activities, deliver quality tutor training, and/or assist those in need with a scholarship for taking the GED exams.

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Literacy Facts:

  • Adults who have not received high school diplomas are unemployed at nearly three times the rate of their peers with high school diplomas. (State of Oregon Employment Dept.)
  • The literacy levels of parents are crucial in predicting their children's literacy levels and educational attainment. (National Institute for Literacy)
  • More than 20% of adults read at or below a fifth-grade level,which prevents them from working at jobs with a living wage, hinders their ability to vote, and impedes their ability to read a newspaper. (National Institute for Literacy)